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Cheetos Flamin' Hot Popcorn - 6.5oz (184.2g)


We have run out of stock for this item.

CHEETOS® Flamin' Hot Popcorn brings the delicious taste of CHEETOS® Flamin' Hot to a classic snacking favourite - popcorn! CHEETOS® Flamin' Hot Popcorn delivers all of the fiery, hot, cheesy flavours you know and love from classic CHEETOS® Flamin' Hot on crisp pieces of popped corn. Ready to go right out of the bag, it’s popcorn with an added boost of cheesy mischievous flavourful fun! This is sure to be a popular snack amongst the legions of CHEETOS® Flamin' Hot fans!

  • 6.5oz (184.2g) is the perfect size for sharing!
  • Iconic fusion of popcorn and CHEETOS® goodness!
  • Your favourite cheesy snack, now as a light and airy popcorn!
  • Delicious flamin' hot flavour
  • Has Chester Cheetah's seal of approval

Imported from the USA.